Electronic Digital Media & Marketing

  • October 1, 2020

You’ll gain communication skills, as well as creative and technical skills which will make you an asset to any organization. Of course, with experience and education, salaries will only rise. The median salary of a marketing manager is $127, 560—and the BLS cites a Bachelor’s degree as the educational requirement for these positions. Realistically, though, a Master’s degree will be necessary to compete for the most lucrative management jobs. Online programs have emerged from their early days of dubious respectability and are now a great alternative to campus-based programs. They provide flexibility and affordability for students who need to work while they study. In fact, marketing is one of the more diverse areas of business study—integrating knowledge of management, psychology, and strategy, as well as research, sociology, publicity, and ethics.

This class will cover assessing your audience so you can best write just what they’ll be excited to be able to see on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and more. Canva is a non-designer’s ideal friend in terms of creating nice-to-look-at assets to talk about on sociable media. If you’ve never ever heard of it or perhaps don’t know how to be able to navigate the website, this specific class will walk an individual through everything you want to know to employ this platform effectively inside your marketing efforts. Pinterest is a digital bulletins board—a highly visual approach for people to reveal interesting content they appear across online.

Identify the customers’ pain points that they post on various platforms such as yahoo answers, blogs, social media, and other sites. Online marketing is advertising and marketing the products or services of a business over Internet. Thrive Internet Marketing Agency is a full-service digital marketing agency. Attract, Impress, and Convert more leads online and get results with Thrive.

First, you’ll need to be accepted to the university of your choice. This may sound obvious, but some online degrees are completion programs, which means you need to have completed all or most of your general education requirements before being admitted to the program. There is a very long list of possible jobs for people with skills in Marketing. A good program will give you both a broad-based foundation of business knowledge and an understanding of how to make your brand competitive in a crowded marketplace.

Marketing Online

Whether you need a website redesign, help improving your keyword rankings or social media engagement, we are ready. Adding a digital marketing master’s degree to your resume can add a lot of value for your career and you can likely further leverage those skills by joining an organization with other professionals. Networking with other professionals within the same industry can provide you with job opportunities, up-to-date information for this fast-changing field, and accelerate your learning curve in digital marketing. Knowing how to use all the technical components of social media is important, but it’s what content you produce and post there that matters the most.